Small Business Gas

Small Business Gas Prices

Our small business gas solutions are designed for companies with a low or average annual gas consumption, and where gas is typically only used for central heating and hot water.  A typical monthly spend for a small business gas user would be less than £500 per month, and as such most companies don’t consider this a high priority when their renewal is due. This can be a big mistake, and one that the leading gas suppliers are all too happy for you to make.  As they will continue to supply you with gas, but at a much higher price, as they have to still source gas for delivery, but at much shorter notice. Most suppliers offer a fixed price for a fixed period of time on these size accounts, and this can offer price security for several years.  This makes it easy to budget and gives you one purchasing decision to make for your ongoing gas use.  It is normal for invoices to be estimated so you should take regular self meter readings to ensure that your payments remain on track with your consumption.

Business Gas Price Comparison Service

Our small business gas price comparison service is quick and easy to use, and we will delivery a wide range of price offers from a range of business gas suppliers that offer varying contract lengths. With all of our quotes, we will provide you with our market analysis to support any of our recommendations to you.

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