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If you’re looking for an honest and transparent approach to buying your commercial gas requirements then we offer a range of commercial gas procurements services that will fit your requirements.  Our service will help you select the right commercial gas supplier and the right gas product for your business needs.  With the UK gas market currently the most volatile trading commodity in the world, we will help you understand what approach and strategies for purchasing will best fit your price range and approach to risk.

We start this by providing a range of base line quotes from a varied and wide selection of suppliers, and then we provide supporting gas market intelligence so you can understand some of the key drivers effecting prices, and then base your purchasing decisions behind this data.

Once you have decided on the right approach to your requirements, we will implement and manage this project on an ongoing basis, and offer support and further value added services for your requirements such as gas smart meters and invoice validation.

If you decide that you are happy for us just to offer our procurement services, and take no other solution from us, we will be happy to provide a reminder notification at your next renewal point, before completing the exercises again.

Call us on the number above, or request a call back at a time to suit.

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