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Top Ten Energy Saving Tips For Business

Top Ten energy saving tips for business

Have you ever wondered what ways exist of reducing expenses other than firing people? Here is a new concept for you – Energy Management. Energy management involves finding ways to optimize your energy usage so that you’re using – and subsequently paying for – only that amount of energy which your business just cannot do without.

Here are 10 energy saving tips that can help you with this:

1. Switch off all equipment not in use

Whenever possible, ensure that all machines are switched off when they are not in use. Remember, even the stand by mode consumes some amount of power that can add significantly to your bills over the long term.

2. Reduce lighting expenses

You will be surprised to see how much you can save by simply turning off lights when they are not in use. If you’re working in one corner of your room, and need one light to do your work effectively, you should use just that. You can save a lot by avoiding using other lights in the room. Moreover, having more efficient LED lights installed in place of traditional bulbs could do wonders to your energy saving efforts.

3. Daylighting

Daylighting is of great help in reducing energy related costs. If you’re in an area where you can make use of sunlight, such a system could prove very effective in reducing the burden of lighting during the day on traditional bulbs. A very innovative way of reducing expenses, isn’t it? It is actually quite old-school, and has only been ‘rediscovered’ by modern architects.

4. Use Biodiesel oil

For getting goods transported, you can make use of Biodiesel oil in diesel engines. Such a resource will save on some petroleum cost.

5. Use energy efficient equipment

If you notice that some of the equipment you’re currently using are old, you should invest and get better equipment to increase output. It might be an additional expense at the moment, but over time, you will see the results in increased productivity, and reduced energy consumption.

6. Reduce fuel usage

If you require transporting products to clients, proper maintenance of your vehicles is a must. This will help in reducing fuel usage.

7. Reduce thermal heating

You can reduce expenses significantly if you turn your thermostat down by about one degree.

8. Find out and plug energy leakage

One of the best ways to do this would be to turn off every gadget for an hour or two, and then to check the reading of your energy meter. If the meter still shows some consumption, you know you’ve got a leak or two

9. Buy smart meters

These are phenomenal devices that can accurately record your energy consumption and provide you with comprehensive reports of your energy usage patterns. After all, if you don’t know how you use your energy, how will you find out ways of reducing its usage?

10. Ask us to help you analyze your gas consumption and provide detail gas reports that allow us to recommend better measures for you – perhaps even better suppliers

At MyBusinessGas.com, we have helped hundreds of our customers to buy cheap gas and provided them with valuable advice on how to optimize their energy usage. And the best part about this is that we do it for free!

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How to Compare Gas and Electricity Prices

How to compare gas and electricity prices

Saving money is not an easy task. Yet, in these times of economic uncertainty, there is no other alternative for businesses if they want to improve their bottomline. If you identify yourself as one of these businesses, the best place to start with the savings in the UK would be your gas and electricity prices.  And why not learn How to Compare Gas and Electricity Prices.

The energy industry in the UK underwent deregulation some years ago, and it created a much-needed environment of competition and efficiency among energy providers. This meant that companies now had to compete to keep their customers on board, which has resulted in excellent offers and plans being created, but it also made it difficult to Compare Gas and Electricity Prices.

Of course, this also means you now have to spend hours on the Internet trying to compare the prices of these different providers. And this may not turn out to be easy at all. In order to successfully compare prices yourself, you need to be subscribed to tens of different providers’ websites so that you’re constantly aware of their latest offerings. You have to try and find comparison websites on which you can compare prices and other aspects of energy plans from more than one companies. You are also required to understand the different contract terms that different providers usually enforce in their contracts.  And you will need to do all of this in order to Compare Gas and Electricity Prices.

Doesn’t that make you wonder whether it would be wise if someone else did all the hard work? You’re right. In fact, that’s why we exist.

An energy broker such as MyBusinessgas.com™  may just be what you are looking for. We provide you with a comparative study of the gas and electricity prices provided by the whole market; it is an impartial listing that compares a number of different gas and electricity prices and a lot of other relevant information from all the suppliers. And not only do we provide you with this information, but also help you choose the right provider.  And then we will show you How to Compare Gas and Electricity Prices.

Are you now wondering what we charge for this service? Well, we don’t. Our revenue comes from the hundreds of gas and electricity suppliers already with us.

So let us show you How to Compare Gas and Electricity Prices.

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How to Compare Business Gas Prices in the UK

How to Compare Business Gas Prices in UK

Have you ever felt the need to reduce spending for your business? If you have, did you ever think of the money you spend every month on commercial gas? Most people don’t; they usually just stick to finding ways of reducing their manufacturing expenses, reducing employee bonuses if they can help it, and several other methods. However, business gas and commercial energy are worthwhile areas that can result in either great savings or losses over the long run.

They are particularly relevant areas to consider due to the high cost of energy, especially now more than ever. Over the past few years, industry deregulation has led to a surge in the number of providers competing to gain more customers. In other words, offerings have improved and customers now have more choices.

However, you can take advantage of such offers and save on gas prices only if you have the right information. It takes time to study the market and sift through the deals offered by various suppliers, which is possible only via the Internet. Through the Internet, you can research and find suppliers who not only offer good gas prices but also provide other related services. It is, however, a time consuming process and needs to be done on a regular basis due to the ever changing nature of this market. In other words, you may have the capability but not the time for this activity.

Therefore, an easier option is to leave it to a professional business gas broker such as MyBusinessGas.com™.   A good energy broker not only brings you the best deals, but also provides important suggestions to reduce your usage and further increase your savings.

The most important job here is identifying the right supplier; switching from one supplier to another is easy. The transfer is usually arranged by the new supplier and you don’t even have to contact your current supplier.

At MyBusinessGas.com™, we have a lot of experience in helping clients reduce their energy costs – by means of helping them identify cheaper service plans as well as by consulting them on how to reduce energy usage without compromising on productivity.

The best part about this service is that it comes to you free of cost; all you have to do is contact us.

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Does your current business gas broker find you the best deal?

Does your current business gas broker find you the best deal?

Getting the right price for your business gas supply is one of the important factors that impacts profitability of your business. To make sure you have the best supply at the cheapest rates possible you have to find the right business gas broker – you obviously can’t be expected to do all the research by yourself, which is where a good gas broker steps in.

What makes it even more important to find the right business gas broker is the rising energy prices, and if you study the commercial gas market carefully enough you will be astonished to see that the cost of commercial gas can vary as much as 50 percent from supplier to supplier due to the amount of competition. Thus, it is very important that you partner with the commercial gas broker who can bring you the best value for your money.

Take some time out to approach a few gas brokers to understand if you are getting the right deal from each of them; or you could compare each of their opinions to see which one gives you the best advice. For a better idea, you might also want to do a cursory search on the Internet to find out the current ongoing wholesale market prices.

Regardless of what you do, you should definitely sign up for our services , because we do all of the above mentioned things for you for free. Our soul aim is to help reduce the energy costs of our clients and there by maximize their savings.

As we are an independent buisness gas broker with a very large supplier list, we are able to offer the best deals to our clients in a completely transparent manner.

Owing to our strong list of suppliers and the fact  that our client list is just as large, we are in a great position to negotiate better deals and terms for our clients, which further means reduced energy costs for you.

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Measuring your Business Gas Consumption

Measuring your Business Gas Consumption

In most organisations today, a lot of care is taken to use energy efficiently to help reduce costs. However, while all companies would like to reduce expenses, they usually don’t have much of an idea about how to do it.  This wasn’t a problem when there were fewer business gas suppliers and a very limited choice of suppliers. However, since the commercial gas market exploded with a rush of new gas suppliers coming in within a few years, it is definitely a much more challenging endeavor today.

Therefore, hiring specialists gas brokers to perform your energy management tasks could be very useful and have some strong long term benefits.

You can use their research, findings, and proposed solutions, to start implementing and reducing your gas costs and energy use.

Of course there are many people who like to do everything by themselves. If you are one of those people, the following tips on measuring gas consumption would be quite handy for you.

It is usually a three step process to analyse and measure your business  gas consumption:

1.  Make sure you that you are receiving your invoices on a regular basis from your supplier.  Your be surprised the amount of billing that goes missing in the post, and by auditing your usage on a monthly basis ensures that you are receiving yours.

2.  Measure your gas consumption with a gas smart meter, this will allow you to measure patterns of use, and identify consumption links to external factors such as the temperature.

3.  Keep an eye on your contract end date, and don’t get caught in the role over trap that suppliers rely on.

Having said all that, we would still highly recommend that you use help from  a competent business gas broker and let the experts do their job.

Seeing the trend in wholesale business gas prices over the past few years, it doesn’t take a genius to know that energy prices are going to further increase.

Therefore, letting the professionals figure out the best plans for your business can help you get the most out of your investment and ensure that you’re spending more time trying to increase your bottom line than worrying about your next gas bill.

Contact us today for free advice that will help you save thousands of pounds in the near future.